I will try my best to explain my position. I ‘m a social justice enthusiast and a freedom of expression absolutist.  Individual responsibility finalist. I endorse the right of anyone to control their own fate, to the degree of finality. Put bluntly it’s a humans right to take their own life. I don’t need much in the way of love or admiration. I hope for a deserved amount of appreciation for my thoughtfulness and consideration. I not interested in telling anyone what to do. I’d like to be someone who inspires creativity and set an example for whom ever may see me rolling along on any given day. I understand prejudice. I represent my race consciously. I think to myself the world in which we exist is infinitely better without rushing to judgment and knee jerk reactions.  I wonder how it’s come to this, hate and anger, wasted time and lives extinguished.  Abuse of power, elitism, and hubris define the wave of misery and dissolution. Steamroller mentality crushes the hopes and dreams of mankind.   Hugs and kisses or fuck off, only you know what you need.   Sincerely JAGWAG